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K'NEX: Building Thrill Rides is all about exploring and understanding the Science and Engineering that goes into creating the amazing experiences that are offered at theme parks!
With the addition of Kid K'NEX and K'NEX Building stations, children, parents, teachers, and others can build what ever they can imagine with an unlimited supply of K'NEX pieces.

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This interactive exhibit will captivate children and adults alike, providing them the opportunity to explore science, math and technology concepts in a fun learning environment.
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with classroom activities for students to complete prior to their visit to your facility and post visit activities and extensions for them to explore upon their return to school.
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Visitors won't have to leave their creations behind at the K'NEX and Kid K'NEX Building Stations. Instead, they can purchase whatever they have built at the Weigh & Pay sales counter based on the weight of the model.
Attract School Groups with K'NEX exhibits click here
The K'NEX Gift Store Sales program is geared to meet your needs, offering a great K'NEX display model for your store as well as flexible merchandise options for you to choose from.
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Bring this exciting exhibit to your Museum or Science Center! See where we are, where we've been, and when will can come to your location.

What is the angular velocity (rpm) of the Blender Ride as it spins about its center post?
Where does a Roller Coaster Car have the most Potential Energy (PE) and how is it converted to Kinetic Energy?
What is the linear velocity (m/s) of the riders?
These are just a few of the questions that will be answered as visitors explore the science, math and technology behind hair-raising amusement park thrill rides.

Watch the Building Thrill Rides exhibit video...

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